The Canadian Tube Fly Company
CTFC Goodies
Who dosn't need a fly box sticker or a bottle opener for those after fishing
root beers?
$3.99 per key chain bottle opener
Colour / Style
Fish Skeleton Opener
Fish Opener
Laminated - Water Proof - Fly Box Sticker
CTFC Fly Box Sticker $1.99 per sticker
Iron on C.T.F.C. Vest Patches
CTFC Fly Box Sticker $4.99 per patch
Light weight plastic / stainless steel line clippers. These are perfect for
your fly vest. They are feather light and will not corrode or tarnish.
$4.99 per line clipper
CTFC Smart Phone Waterproof Case $24.99
CTFC Waterproof Case $19.99
Samsung Galaxy
Apple I-Phone
Water - tight clamps
Small Logo
Samsung Galaxy
Apple I-Phone
Cards, Money, etc.
Small Logo
For any fisherman who has dunked their phone in the water before, this is a must!  
100 % water proof, these cases will fit almost all styles of smart-phones. In fact, the
Samsung Galaxy pictured above is actually in an Otter Box too and it still fits
nicely in the bag. These have been a big hit with our guide friends.
If you spend a lot of time on the
river or in a boat, these bags are
perfect for all of your water
sensative gear. Whether it be your
new $600 phone, your favourite
point and shoot camera, or day to
day items like your after fishing
beer money or credit cards, these
bags will keep everything "high
and dry"!