Egret Fishing Lanyards
We have to admit that when we first saw fly fishing
lanyards, we thought they looked pretty strange. It wasn't
until we used one did we truly get how indispensable these
We used to clip forceps, nippers, a line of tippets, etc.
directly onto our fishing vest. This often slowed us down
getting ready and "suiting up" for a day on the river.
These lanyards make everything so easy! All your fishing
tools are at your chest and go on with ease.
As you can see above, these lanyards can be looped directly
onto your chest straps of your fishing waders. The loops go
over the straps and then can easily be synched into place
with the adjustable loops. The lanyards can also be worn
around the neck. The neck strap also has an adjustable loop
so that the tools will sit exactly the height you desire on
your chest.
$29.99 each