The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Large Hole Coneheads
can go directly n the 1/8 inch plastic tubing or Flex Tube. Now
available in our four fantastic metallic finishes.
Metallic Cones - Medium and Large Hole
......or order by type and length. Four fantastic finishes!
Large Hole Coneheads - 7mm width. $5.29 per 20.
Large Hole Coneheads - 6mm width. $5.29 per 20.
Place cone directly onto the plastic tubing. Press the cone down onto the head of your tied pattern and cut
the plastic tubing leaving a 1/16 inch sticking out. Gently melt the end of the plastic tube.
Add a splash of colour  
by using coloured
Some tyers are even
reversing cones to make
"Horn Blowers"
Double and even triple
stacking is a great way
to control weight!
Small Metallic Conehead Assortment Pack - 16 cones (2 small brass, 2 small gunsmoke, 2 small silver, 2 small copper, 2 large brass, 2 large gunsmoke, 2 large silver, 2 large copper)