The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Egret Prop Tubes
Tube tyers have been using many tricks over the years to create patterns with bigger
profiles in the water. Too often delicate feathers and fur will often become matted down
while in the current, giving a tube fly a slim look. We created the Egret Prop Tube to not
only create a bigger look with your favourite patters but also to give it better action. If
materials can be "pushed" or "propped" up away from the actual tube , the fly will have more
fibers and barbs that will flair out and "dance" in the current!
Egret Prop Tubes Assortment


10 tubes (5 - 1 inch "Single Prop" Tubes and 5 - 2 inch "Double Prop" Tubes) plus plastic insertion tubes and junction tubing.

Here are a few of our patterns with some "under-carriage"
pictures. You can see that the globs of glue hold up the
feathers or fur that are tied in front of them. Many tiers over
the years have achieved a similar effect using a ball of
dubbing. The effect is similar, though the glue balls are much
harder and way more durable than soft dubbing!
Egret Prop Tubes - 1" Single Bumps


10 - 1 inch "Single Prop" Tubes plus plastic insertion tubes and junction tubing.

Egret Prop Tubes - 2" Double Bumps


10 - 2 inch "Double Prop" Tubes plus plastic insertion tubes and junction tubing.

Tube tyers for years have battled over how to make a larger
profile tube while still tying with soft, flowing feathers and
fur. Too often our beautiful creations are compressed into a
small leach looking fly in the current!
Take a look at
The "Turquoise
Spring King",
tied on an Egret
Prop tube!