The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Mini Tubes
Mini tubes are fantastic in that they punch a good amount of weight
for such a small tube. Similar to a
Shumakov Summer Arrow tube,
though more than 3 times the weight. Perfect when you want to use a
small fly that still has the ability to sink quickly!
Mini Tube Assortment Pack - 12 tubes (4 brass, 4 gunsmoke, and 4 silver)plus liner tube


Order your Mini Tube Assortment Today!
......or order by finnish. Now in three fantastic finishes!
Mini Tubes. $6.99 per 10 plus a length of liner tube.
You can see from the picture that just like a Shumakov
tube, all of the tying is done on the liner tube (or in this
Small Diameter Scandinavian Tubing) rather
than the actual metal Mini Tube. The Mini tube simply
acts as the body of the fly and adds the all too
important weight to the pattern.