Super for adding that extra movement to any of your favourite tubes.
First designed in Europe, these cones are now being used more and more
in North America. They create a disturbance in the water that actually
makes the pattern "wiggle" in the current. They also take some of the
currents pressure off of the front of the fly, making your pattern
maintain its shape better in the water.

These can be used on almost any of our metal tubing styles. They fit
perfectly on
liner tube that is used to line Eumer, Shumakov, Micro
Metal, Standard Metal, Barbell, Nubby, Shrimp, Torpedo, Deep Water,
Ridged Bottle tubes.
Liner tube can also be easily inserted into Plastic, Flex, and  Wiggle
tubing to accept either a standard or monster cone.
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Monster Coneheads
Full Monster Cone Assortment Pack - 24 cones (2 small brass, 2 small gunsmoke, 2 small silver, 2 small copper, 2 medium brass, 2 medium gunsmoke, 2 medium silver, 2 medium copper, 2 large brass, 2 large gunsmoke, 2 large silver, 2 large copper)


Order your full Monster Cone
Assortment Today!
Monster Cone Assortment Pack - 12 cones (3 brass, 3 copper, 3 silver, and 3 gunsmoke)


......or order by type and size. Now in Four fantastic finishes!
Brass Monster Cones - 10 pcs


Silver Monster Cones - 10 pcs


Copper Monster Cones - 10 pcs


Gunsmoke Monster Cones - 10 pcs


materials such as marabou. We also love adding them to
TubeWiggle  and Flex Tube patterns that already have great action
in the current.
Monster Cones have a large
recess in the back that nicely fit
over all of your tied materials
We have also used Monster cones put in behind a patterns wing
and collar. This helps hold boost the wing up when you are trying
to achieve a wing that will better hold its shape in the water.