The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Premium Rhea Plume Plume

$12.99 per feather

We have finally sourced a consistent supply of quality Rhea feathers. These
plumes come from the South American Ostrich, a smaller bird when compared to
their African cousins. The barbs on these plumes is similar to regular Ostrich,
though they are much slimmer and have fewer micro-barbs. It's these
micro-barbs that make regular ostrich look so fuzzy. These feathers are
absolutely what you are looking for to make your
Intruder flies come to life.
come in lengths of between 14 and 22 inches. We do trim down some of the base
of the feather that has little use. We package these plumes in an 18 inch bag
and in many cases still have to bend the top few inches of the feather over to get
it to fit!
Our Rhea comes in two different grades. Our Premium Grade is the feathers
that are not necessarily the longest but they have the most and longest barbs.
that is several inches long.

Second grade are also 14 plus inch plumes thought they have barbs that are a
shorter or have some barbs that are broken. Still  a high quality feather.
Second Grade Rhea Plume

$8.99 per feather