The process is simple:

1. Place your Bottle, Ridged Bottle, Shumakov, Cone Head, Barbell,
Nubby, Bullet,  standard metal tube, or Micro Tube on the tip of
your mandrel.

2. Heat the tube approximately one inch above an open flame for
about 30-45 seconds.

3. Dip your item into the Powder. Shake off any excess.

4. The paint will stick to the metal. If it looks a pit patchy or rough
in texture, simply place back over the flame until it become shiny
and smooth. The tube should harden and cool in less than 2 minutes.

5. For extra durability (though not usually necessary) coat the
painted area with clear nail polish.
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Powder Paint
Tube tyers are opening up their eyes to the possibilities of adding an extra kick to
their favourite patterns. As fishermen, we all know that colour definitely makes a
difference. Our new custom blended Powder Paints gives you the freedom to colour
your favourite metal tubes or bead heads. Unlike other companies that sell coloured
tubes themselves, we give you the freedom of colouring your own tubes. Gone are the
days when you had to order minimum quantities of coloured tubes!
Florescent Powder Paint Kit

5 eye catching colours


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Kit Today!
Glow Powder Paint Kit

6 glow in the dark colors


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Nubby and Barbell Tubes coloured with our Custom Powder Paint