years and for good reason. The long webby profile these flies give in the current
are fantastic, they consistently out fish many other patterns.
We combine our Intruder patterns with long sections of
Flex Tube as hook
holders. Not only does this give an extra splash of colour on the flies, it also
holds the hook well behind all of the flowing hackle, preventing the fly from
fouling around the hook.....smething not possible with a standard "hooked"
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Purple Intruder
Intruder Tubes
Intruder Tube Flies
General Practitioner
Dark- Intruder
Ostrich Spey - Sunburst
Please take a look at our selection of tubes that are
our favourite Intruder Style Patterns.
Most of the
tubes, fur, feathers, hooks, shanks, and
other materials used to create these patterns can be
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