The Canadian Tube Fly Company
CTFC Pro Staff
Michael Farnham
Michael Farnham of Washington D.C joins us on our pro staff.
Michael has fished extensively on most fresh and salt waters in his
region, and probably would fish parking lots with standing water
on it if he thought there were fish there. The area of the country
Michael is from is not noted for fly fishing and in efforts to help
fly fishing take its place in community he persisted in requests
from outdoors writers to “ just go fly fishing with me once” and if
it doesn’t meet your satisfaction I promise to leave you alone.

That one outing has lead Michael in his career to have article after
article published highlighting as one outdoor once wrote, Michael is
guilty of a special wizardry with the fly rod that most other
conventional tackles users will never see.

His credits include, TV shows on ESPN featuring Michael and fly
fishing, ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, Outdoor Life Network
Masters of Fly Casting, articles in Outdoor life, Field and Stream,
and American Angler.

Michael’s fly tying skills in his own words, is nasty stuff that
catches fish and not the eye of the angler. Almost all of his tying
centers on the use of tubes, and epoxy colors. While not a production
tier he is custom tier for in his owns words and tied to catch fish
and not the angler.

Michael also donates time for a number of charitable causes,
Children’s National Hospital, St Jude’s Hospital, Wounded
Warriors, and Project Healing Waters, and he himself is a veteran.

We welcome Michael aboard. He can be reached at and through our shop.