CTFC Pro Staff
new to tying, his enthusiasm about tying is almost

I started fishing Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon in
2010 with a centerpin when I moved to Sault Ste.
Marie for school. In less than half a year I had made
the switch to a two handed fly rod and will never
look back.  I started tying flies in January of 2011,
I caught my first Steelhead on the swing on
January 14, 2011 on a “Lady Caroline” that I had
tied myself using Canadian Tube Fly Heron
Hackle. Since then I have studied the classic style
salmon flies and the newer trends of flies that are
being swung these days. I have found that I enjoy
tying flies as much as I do fishing these days. It is
extremely rare that a day to goes by where I don’t sit
at my vise for an hour or two learning and
practicing techniques. Through tying many
different styles of flies I have found my biggest
passion in the classic salmon flies of past years.
Very few things are as exciting as hooking a
Steelhead or Atlantic on a 100 year old classic
salmon fly pattern.
Chris Anema