CTFC Pro Staff
Jeff Fisher
I was born in southern England. My father was the one who introduced me to
fishing at a very young age, and instilled in me a lifelong passion for fishing
and all the other creatures that lived in the water…  We used to fish in lakes and
rivers, off the pier and occasionally, deep sea fishing too.  We targeted freshwater
and saltwater species such as Carp, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Pike and Eels.
I now live in Canada, a country blessed with some of the worlds best freshwater
fishing.   I am a professional fishing guide with 11 years of experience, and my
job has taken me to some of the best lodges and fisheries all over Canada, and
South America.  I go on 6 to 8 month adventures every year – travelling,
guiding, and searching for fish in super wild and remote places.
Fly Tying is another passion of mine.  I started tying flies in 1999 and dove into
the deep end right away, trying to learn all I possibly could, and sharing my
knowledge with others along the way.  My first tube fly came off my bench in
2004 and they have been a big part of my angling experience ever since.  I tie
them for many different species, including Steelhead, which is by far my most
favorite fish to chase in British Columbia and in the Great Lakes.
Thank you and tights lines to all…
The Canadian Tube Fly Company