The Canadian Tube Fly Company
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The Canadian Tube Fly Company
6816 11 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta,
T6K 3J5
Spey Tube Flies / Heron Speys / Steelhead Tube Flies / Freshwater Salmon Tube Flies / Saltwater Tube Flies / Marabou
years in a steel mill, I feel I’m slightly qualified to
know what it is to work for a living. Had I worked
in a Fly shop all my life, I would feel like I never
worked at all.
"The Contented Angler" gives me
something to do besides collecting my pension.
Helping others with free fly tying and fly casting
lessons is a rare opportunity to do something good.
When you're gone, you won't be remembered for
what a good fisherman you were. You will,
hopefully,  be remembered for being a good person.
That's the best we can ask for."
We couldn't agree more Joe!!!!