The Canadian Tube Fly Company
CTFC Pro Staff
Peter Charles
me, starting at the age of six when a neighbour
took me and his kids to the side of Grey’s Creek in
Cornwall, Ontario, to fish for anything that swam.
We kids used long bamboo poles, wooden floats, a
thick, green cord for a fishing line and of course,
worms.  The catfish we caught went in the frying
pan, except for one of mine that ended up in the
fire instead, thanks to an overzealous hookset.  
Some would say that my fishing habits haven’t
changed much since.  :)

My first fly rod was bought from a department
store in 1969 and I've been hooked by the sport ever
since. I've been in the industry side of things since
2006 as a pro staff member and a sales

I have my Certified Casting Instructor
qualification from the Federation of Fly Fishers.