Our "spey" patterns,
though not necessarily
true speys, are our most
productive patterns for
winter steelhead. They all
encorporate the major
attribute of a spey fly......
long webby hackle that
flows well past the back
of the tube.
General Practitioner
Chartreuse Spey
Fall Colours Spey
Orange Lazer Spey
Red Teal Spey
Trio Blue Spey
Trio Orange Spey
Purple Guinea Spey
Claret Guinea Spey
Orange Mallard
Pink on White
Tippet Tip Spey
Pink on Pink
Black Palmer
Green Butt Spey
Chartreuse Peacock
Peacock Spey
The Canadian Tubefly Company
"Spey" Style Tubes
Paintbrush Spey
Trio Green Spey
Blue Whisp   (Bottle
Chartreuse Whisp
(Bottle Tube)
Purple Whisp (Bottle
Blue Lazer
Pink Tulip
Blue Wing (Bottle
our favourite Spey Style Patterns.
Most of the
tubes, fur, feathers, hooks, shanks, and
other materials used to create these patterns can be
ordered in our
fly tying section and will be sent out
next business day!