Economy Saltwater Tube Hook Kit. A great selection of Daiichi (Red Octopuss), and Egret tube fly hooks in a variety of sizes. Hooks come in a fantastic pocket-sized, folding box with a huge selection of junction tubing.


Tube Fly Hook Selections
These great little boxes come complete with a sealing gasket that keeps everything
inside 100% water proof. The clasp shuts the box tight, even if you drop it on the
of junction tubing. The durable, pocket sized box keeps everything in one hold the
goods in place are spring loaded to really hold the doors shut. The pin that secures
the box is made of stainless steel to avoid that old fishermens friend, rust!
hooks streamside and having them fall into the river or onto the shore?
Octopus Hooks (saltwater kit), put them together with a large selection
of junction tube, and put them in a fantastic little box. Not only do
you save a few dollars on the goods but the hook box is indestructible
and water tight.
Deluxe Tube Fly Hook Selection - $32.99