grey heron whisps

There are only a handful of these feathers on every bird. The very fine barbs have very little webbing connecting them together, perfect for a very lightly dressed spey fly!

please note.....

The Heron we offer come from a bird within the Heron family that is very plentiful in its area of the world.

They are not listed on the Migratory Birds Conventions Act (Canada) and are legal to purchase and posses under Canadian law. This species is also NOT listed as a protected species in the United States under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (USA).

Unfortunately though, the Gray Heron is protected in the United States under

CITES List (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

Because of this our Gray Heron is not available to our US friends.

Order your Extra Large Grey Heron Whisps (8-10 inches long) today in packs of 5 plumes!

$7.95 per package