The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Natural Schlappen Feathers
We have found a fantastic supply of natural schlappen
feathers. These plumes are not processed at all, except
for a wee shampoo. The natural colours on these feathers
are fantastic for collars, palmering, or any other uses that
process schlappen is used for. The best part about these
feathers is that every one of them is a
one of a kind. They are all a bit different!
$5.95 per package
A beautiful natural brown
/ red tone. Perfect for
natural looking flies
Much lighter than the
regular grizzly colour.
Dark Grey Grizzly
A much darker version of
regular grizzly. Many
tiers like this in place of a
heron grey colour
a black center and edged
with the natural red colour
A fantastic looking plume
with a beige center and a
red outer edge