The Canadian Tube Fly Company
of tying the dozen or so (maybe more) flies that we know we can count on
to catch fish. When was the last time you sat down at the vise and went
freestyle? …… tying whatever you thought may or may not catch fish.
Recently we’ve been reawakened by mentoring a couple of young tyers (9
and 11 years old). They always ask if they can “freestyle”…….putting
whichever feathers, fur, tinsel, etc. on the hook or tube without following
the rules of traditional and standard patterns.

We’ve recently been challenging ourselves into
rethinking and
patterns that we already know produce fish. There has been a
few miserable fails, but also a few ties we are really excited about!

We first came up with the “Pixy Stick” a dozen or so years ago. While
“freestyling” recently weekend we took what we liked about the fly and
tried it again with a few different materials. One might say that the new
version is pretty loosely based on the original.
Body: rear third - silver oval tinsel, middle third - florescent chartreuse
floss with silver oval tinsel rib, forward third - hot pink cactus chenille
Flash: several strands of pearl crystal flash tied `ìn the round`
Hackle: Grey Heron dyed royal purple - tied in at the base (gives a thicker
base for the collar)
Collar: Yellow mallard flank - tied in stripped on one side
Cheeks: small JC nails
Wing: three or four long purple pheasant rump feathers