Chartreuse Marabou
Streamer (Bottle Tube)
Lazer Bug  (Bottle
(Bottle Tube)
Orange Marabou
Streamer (Bottle Tube)
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$38.95 each

The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Bottle Tube Selection
Purple Whisp (Bottle
Double up your kit (2 of each pattern plus 24 hooks) for only


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Edmonton, Alberta,
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size #4
Though we no longer sell tube flies, we originally broke our most favourite and
popular patterns into 11 different kits that showcase eight patterns that are
specifically geared for a certain purpose, area, or species.

We have left these kits up as a tying resource!
a total of eight flies. Bottle tubes, though they are shorter than
standard tubes, have a great deal of weight for their size. These
have all been proven winners when targeting both salmon and
steelhead along the west coast.